27 February 2017

SmartFit™ Applicator

"Can you get them in supermarkets or just online"


24 December 2016

SmartFit™ Applicator

"I'm 13 and these were the first tampons I've ever used these are thebest especially for first timers"


18 November 2016

SmartFit™ Applicator

"Please start doing Ultra with an applicator! Super plus extraare great, but ultra are needed for the first couple of days. "


26 October 2016

SmartFit™ Applicator

"Love lilets but find the super plus extra not quite enough for my heaviest days. Why oh why do you not do the ultra with an applicator?"


12 October 2016

SmartFit™ Applicator

"I'm 13 and these were the first ever tampons I used. They were absolutely AMAZING! I loved the super cute packaging, it was quite compact so it didn't take up much space in my drawer. The first impression of the tampon itself was that it was tiny! As a newbie to tampons, I was expecting a big fat cardboard applicator (like the tampons my mum used). But no, the Lil-Lets tampon had a little thin plastic applicator which was smooth and pink! It was very easy to insert, even the very first time I used one! I would recommend this to first time users! The thing that surprised me most was the absorbency. Before using the tampon, I thought I had super heavy flow. And I was quite worried about using a Regular tampon. But soon I realised how wrong I was... After wearing the tampon for about 7 hours, I decided to take it out but it was still firmly held, I pulled it out anyways (pulling quite firmly) and to my surprise, there were still white patches! I was super amazed! 😊"


06 October 2016

SmartFit™ Applicator

"I found these tampons seemed quite unpredictable. The tampon sometimes stuck to the applicator and came out again or sometimes it wouldn't even push in. These tampons are great when they go in though they are verb comfy and overall great"


26 July 2016

SmartFit™ Applicator

"These are amazing omg i tried using tampax but i just couldn't get them in for some reason, maybe they were too long or something. but i finally bought the se to try them and fit in easily. thank you so much "


16 July 2016

SmartFit™ Applicator

"I use the regular and super and i love them i find they much easier to get in then tampax perl,they are very easy to take out,small and i can never feel them.I just wish they were as easy to find as the non aplicator or sold in bigger packs."


24 June 2016

SmartFit™ Applicator Super Plus

"they seem great just wish they were sold in america"


07 June 2016

SmartFit™ Applicator Super

"Just started using them and i love them i used to use lil lets non aplicator but they hurt to insert so i switched to these since i love the fit and leak protection .Ive tried tampax perl in the past but these are much more comfy and easy to insert only problem is they are pretty hard to find."


22 May 2016

SmartFit™ Applicator

"Excellent - absolutely best for stopping leaks and working when swimming. Please make ultra with applicator too."


22 May 2016

SmartFit™ Applicator

"when i got the sample there was no incorrect details or bad packaging which was a big spurs to me so that was really good i also got two tampons with meant i could try out one on my heavy days and one on my regular days which is great so thats to lillets I'm converted. I have also got my mum and two sister convert thanks. "


25 April 2016

SmartFit™ Applicator Super

"Hi Square, so glad to hear you like our SmartFit tampons, the super applicator absorbency is available in most large Tesco, Boots, Sainsbury's, Co-op, Bodycare and Saver stores."


25 April 2016

SmartFit™ Applicator Super

"I can't believe I've been using a supposed 'leading' brand (but truly inferior to these) for so long! I've been using these for a couple of months and feel I've regained control of my life on those heavy flow days! I never used to feel confident straying far from a loo during my period as my other brand was so prone to leakage, however these are fantastic! The only downside is actually managing to find a stockist in my area but I've resorted to buying from the website instead. Lillets PLEASE never stop making these tampons they are without a doubt the best on the market!"


19 April 2016

SmartFit™ Applicator



16 April 2016

SmartFit™ Applicator

"Really good would really recommend to others never leak and very comfortable but aplacator is a bit uncomfortable but overall very good "


14 April 2016

SmartFit™ Applicator Regular

"I have brought this item recently and i havent been satisfied with it, as much as i have with different branded tampons"


13 April 2016

SmartFit™ Applicator Super Plus Extra

"Really handy, but again hard to find in the shops, I've bulk purchased when found, but would like AN ULTRA APPILCATOR version too please., and for these to be more readily available....less mess, with an applicator, when life is hard enough already...make life just that little bit better..."


10 April 2016

SmartFit™ Applicator

"Love this product. Would be great if you could do the applicator ones in ultra as well. They wouldn't stop leakage completely, but would be better than anything else that is on the market."


08 April 2016

SmartFit™ Applicator

"I really don't like the applicator. I find it uncomfortable, like being pinched, when I press the plunger. This is a shame because I really like the actual tampon, which is less inclined to leak than any other I've tried."

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