27 October 2016

Maxi Pads Night

"They are so comfortable and soft"

Rani khan

24 July 2016

Maxi Pads Night

"I'm a fan of lil lets because their pads are soft and comfortable, having a nice feel to it so that I don't feel any roughness. I really love the maxi night pads which are ultra absorbent and soft to the touch. They're also long with wings. I like the slogan "We are women" on the individual pads, I like that lil lets identify with us women, I really like seeing these words. The product quality and packaging is fabulous. I hope that lil lets continues for many years to come, I can't imagine life without my soft, cotton like pads. "


18 August 2015

Maxi Pads

"I happened to find these maxi pads at a shop. I have been a big lil-lets fan but these maxi pads... I just love them. I love the extra confidence they give me, and they are as comfortable as normal ones. It absorbs the bleeding very quickly and efficiently while locking it in so that the surface feels dry all the time. A big appraisal for lil-lets for its fantastic work."

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