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09 November 2019

Teens Liners

"Hi Caroline, I'm right there with you, my dd is 9 and is definitely well into puberty. She was really proud to announce when her first pubic hairs appeared and she wanted to get a bra straight away. She is not shy, I've had to remind her several times about walking around the house with no bra on or sometimes no clothes. So far no period but we are expecting it soon, she been having discharge on and off for a while. "

Ellie x

03 November 2019

Teens Day Pads

"I’m 13 and just got my first period and didn’t know what to do as my mum is on a business trip for a week and I’m stuck with my 2 older brothers and my dad so I bought some of these after doing some googling. Really good gonna buy more x"

Tortoise lover

22 October 2019

Teens Day Pads

"These are super soft pads . They have a quiet opening but are very small. With a heavy period I can only use them at the vet end "


18 October 2019

Teens Day Pads

"Hey I'm 13 going on 14 and I love these. They don't get scrunched up and are a really nice size.Ilove them and will definitely be buying another pack.Akso the night pads are pretty good.They are like the teens long pads but just higher absorbency.My condolences to anyone who recently started.😂😭"


16 October 2019

Teens Liners

"Around summer I noticed that my dd had a couple of long and dark hairs growing in her pubic area, which alarmed me greatly as she was only eight. she is now 9 and last night in the shower I noticed that she now has quite a crop of pubic hair growing and the start of some hairs under her arms 😔. She looked very womanly stood there with her little chest growing and hairy bits and not like a little girl at all, i was totally heartbroken and stunned that I'm now considering these liners for her."


26 September 2019

Teens SmartFit™ Applicator Tampons Regular

"Hi so I am 13 I got my period last year but I was using always but they were for adult so not great so my friend recommended these to me love them soooooooo Much definitely recommend "

Omg ?? squad

24 September 2019

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"I love ❤️ this product . I'm using it as we speak and they are a great obsorbansy "


23 September 2019

Teens Liners

"My 10yr old is only just starting puberty, no breast development yet, just a rapid increase of pubic hair so I don't know how long until my dd starts so for now I bought her a few packs of these pantyliners."


18 September 2019

Teens Day Pads

"haven't tried them yet but i am 10 and I'm getting these to be prepared. I have started puberty and I did when I was 8. I have lots of period symptoms and I use the app clue (you can get it to tell you when your period is coming even if you haven't started I'm not joking!!) But it put in all the stuff I'm experiencing and it says i will get pms in 25 days (it's my second day) and says I will get pms on October 13 and then I went on to see if it showed when I get my period and it says October 16!!! So I I really need to be prepared :) heard good reviews about lil let's hope they r good!!"


15 September 2019

Teens Day Pads

"So I am 10 and just got my period a few months ago...sad times but these pads are sooooo amazing and comfy! I have known about this brand for a wee while now but I have just got what I can for my period. The pads i get are sooooo big and even the ones with wings start scrubbing up! These are PERFECT for my small body!! I think your should try it. I have recommend these to all my friends for when they get theirs! I am the 3rd person in my class to get it! I hope you guys know that it's worth I it to buy it and they are super cheap!"


15 September 2019

Teens Day Pads

"These pads are my new favs! They never shift about and the wings are really secure. I love how they make these brands for teens and tweens. I'm 12 and I have my period and I really recommend these because they are comfortable, absorbent, you can't really feel them and they make me feel really good on my period! You should defo try em!!!!"


04 September 2019

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"Daughter going back to school tomorrow (yr5). Over the summer she has developed a bit of a bust along with hair in new places so this is a definite "must have" piece of kit for her to carry in her bag. "


24 August 2019

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"I had to get my 10yr old dd this starter pack a few months ago as she was going on school trip to the Isle of Wight. She bought home a letter and it advised that "all girls should take pads with them, just in case”. We opened it and went through it together. I think this is a great pack."


22 August 2019

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"I posted on here last September (7th post below) wondering when my dd might start her period, well yesterday it arrived. We were not too surprised as lately she had been getting a lot more discharge. She took it all very well, she has been using the lil-let's liners for a few months so she was used to putting a pad on."


12 August 2019

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"Chatting to a Mother of one of my dd's friends today, she asks me if my dd has started her periods yet as her dd has just started hers 😱😱 this was a bit of a shock as both girls have only just turned 10. I don't think my dd has even started puberty yet, defiantly no sign of needing a bra, couldn't say about pubic hair as I don't look there. I'm going to get this starter pack tomorrow and have a good chat so she is ready. this is something her and her friends will start talking about. Xx "


08 August 2019

Teens Day Pads

"I've recently just got my period and found these amazing I am petite for my age so I found these to be a perfect size also very comfy! The only issue is I am heavy :( could u pls make pads designed for heavy flowers?"


02 August 2019

Teens Day Pads

"These pads fit well and are comfortable and stay in place, but they can feel wet on top and don’t absorb fast at all. "


16 July 2019

Teens Day Pads

"hi i am just starting my 3rd period and i have found the Lil-Lets day pads amazing for mu use and i can wear these at night as well which is very handy. the packaging the product comes in is really good for disposing the pad"

3 of us!

16 July 2019

Teens Day Pads

"Please make the sticky bit more sticky! Love the product but found it to be a bit less sticky recently, so can move out of place. Don’t want to have to look for a new brand as the size and absorbency are fabulous. "


11 July 2019

Teens Liners

"My DD will be Nine in August but I have just had to buy her some bras😰. Which has now got me thinking into how long before her Periods start😱😱. For now I think these liners will be fine to keep in the house for her and then the starter pack maybe in a few months time."