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When you get your first period your flow could be prone to vary as your body adjusts to the changes. Lil-Lets teen liners are helpful for managing your lighter days — they’re absorbent and discreet.

Product features:

  • Great absorbency providing everyday freshness
  • Super soft for comfort
  • Narrow, petite towels designed to suit younger girls
  • Extra sticky adhesive back keeps the liner in place
  • 100% fragrance-free, making them extra gentle

When you’re ready to swap to a fresh liner, simply roll the product up in the wrapper from your new liner and place it in a sanitary waste bin or in a household waste bin. Flushing a liner or the wrapper down the toilet can lead to blockages and it’s also harmful for the environment, so made sure you bin it instead.

Our teens liners suit a light flow, or they can be used before or after your period. Alternatively, we have a normal teens pads and teens non-applicator tampons , so you can choose the perfect product for your unique flow!



02 February 2020

Teens Day Pads

"I'm 21 and I use these! I have always been very petite and these are perfect for the smaller person and they are so thin and you can barely feel them. They are shorter in length than other ranges I have used which is great. I wish they had these when I was younger!"


31 January 2020

Teens Day Pads

"Amazing! Daughter has just started at 12 and adult pads just too huge. These fit and feel so much better. I advise any parent to purchase these. We donate a pack of the day and night pads for our school every month for disadvantaged students. I then bought myself some of the pads and they're so much better than the other popular brands that I 'always' buy. "