Pack size

Our super plus SmartFit™ non-applicator tampons are the ideal solution on your heaviest flow days, keeping you leak-free for longer. They’re easy to insert and they’re designed for comfort — from the soft cotton tip to the widthway expansion of our SmartFit™ technology, which fits your unique shape.

Product features

  • Easy insertion with a super soft tip
  • Only 0.15 grams of plastic per tampon
  • Free from any fragrances and chlorine bleach
  • Super absorbent core provides leak-free protection for up to eight hours
  • Expand all the way round

Safety warnings

For safe and comfortable use of tampons, read and keep the leaflet that is found inside every tampon pack. When using tampons, always use the lowest absorbency for your flow and change your tampon every four to eight hours. Tampons are associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). This is a rare but serious illness that may be fatal. More information on the risks and symptoms of TSS can be found in the leaflet provided inside tampon packs.



05 October 2019

SmartFit™ Non-Applicator Ultra

"Wish the ultra range was in a bigger pack than 10 as not enough, also a range for heavier days - maybe an ultra plus range??"

Riding high

22 September 2019

SmartFit™ Non-Applicator Ultra

"Your ultra tampons have been a life saver in the last year when my periods have become really heavy, still have to change them after 3 hours on my really heavy days but giving me an extra hour has made all the difference please make a ultra extra or extra plus to give me even more protection and not the worry of having to use a night pad all the time too"


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