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24 January 2020

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator Super Plus

"The only tampon that works. Easy to use, very absorbent, not itchy. Just wish more places had them in stock. I always have to order online. "


11 June 2019

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator Super Plus

"The best product I’ve used I found tampax quite uncomfortable but these were amazing"


31 May 2019

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator Super

"Why can't I find Lil-lets compact applicator tampons anywhere anymore? Is there a supply issue?"


22 April 2019

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator Regular

"I love all the Compact Applicator tampons. It's just a shame that they're not really stocked in any of the major supermarkets near where I live. I always have to order online."

Leanne jacko

15 December 2018

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator

"Haven't used these yet but I've heard there really good the best bit I like the sound of is that expands sideways not longways "


13 October 2018

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator Super Plus Extra

"I’m 43 and have been using tampons since I was a teenager. My period is very heavy, and before I found these, I have often leaked past my tampon very quickly. These tampons have been life changing. They are comfortable and expand to fit very securely, meaning no leaks. I can now go out and get on with my day without constantly worrying about leaking. "


07 September 2018

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator

"there are absolutely perfect for me. i have had my period for 3 years and i was never able to find the right tampon for me but these have worked great i definitely recommend "


09 August 2018

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator

"hi I've tried all the big drug stores for these products most of all the plastic applicator tampons and some of your teen range can some one please tell me some shops that sell "

Horse girl

22 July 2018

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator

"So wish you would. Make an ultra in application form as super plus extra only lasts a couple of hrs before it needs to be changed "


12 June 2018

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator

"I have never used tampons before ,and I only got my period last month . my mum said that I'm to young .I'm going to wait until I'm used to my cycle but I want to familiarize myself with tampons so as I'm not scared of them , I'm thinking of buying applicator, what do guys think?x "


07 May 2018

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator Regular

"I have used lil-lets tampons for a number of years ever since I chanced upon the higher absorbancy. However I really wish that they did the ultra absorbancy with applicators. I often buy my products from Savers or Bodycare and find they are cheapest. Other stores don't often stock the super plus extra or often only have the non-applicator. I feel lil-lets needs to really sell its brand more as I believe it beats the leading brand which often outshadows by name alone. I feel that many more women would benefit from higher absorbancy especially those suffering with heavier periods. "


27 April 2018

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator

"Hi Annie, if you have a local Savers near you try them, they stock the entire range. Alternatively, your local Boots will order them in for you as a special order at no extra cost."


25 April 2018

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator

"I like Lillets better than any other brand as they expand widthways. However in the last 5 months it seems that less and less shops are selling the compact applicator range. This month I looked for it in Tesco, Asda, local Boots and Superderug and they had none of this range. "


04 April 2018

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator Regular

"I only use the lil lets compact applicator tampons. They expand width ways and are comfortable to use. My only problem is I can't find a stockist for the super extra plus so I always buy online which is a pain if I forget to order!! Why don't supermarkets stock this brand in all sizes! They do the other brand. Please don't change anything about this product it's fab. "


03 April 2018

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator

"Hi Xcountry, we're glad to hear you love our tampons, but sorry to learn that your local Tesco no longer stocks them. Sainsbury's, Boots, Superdrug and Savers, along with Ocado, all stock our SmartFit compact range of tampons."


02 April 2018

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator

"Hi, it seems that Tesco is not stocking the applicator range anymore (tried different stores) - is this just temporary or permanent? Please advise where to buy them now. Ta."


27 March 2018

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator Super Plus Extra

"Always use Lil-lets, no other brand match up, comfort or leakage wise. Finding it increasingly difficult to get the applicator Super Plus, no supermarkets stock them anymore, have to bulk order from Boots. Please say you are not discontinuing them! Would prefer if all sizes had cardboard applicators though. Please reduce the plastic, think of the environment."


26 February 2018

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator

"The super plus extra has been a god send, since developing heavy periods 18 months ago, and no leaks like with other brands, and I don't have to use a pad anymore wished you made the ultra in applicator form too, as I need them for the first couple of days "


10 September 2017

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator

"Just wanted to let you know I think these are fab! Never tried your compact applicator range before but much better than the usual brand I have been buying 😜 Comfortable every time!"


31 May 2017

SmartFit™ Compact Applicator Super Plus

"By far the best I've ever tried! Extremely comfortable and I won't use anything else!"


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