At Lil-Lets it’s important to us that we support women whatever their time of month, or time of life. And regardless of whatever challenges they face, we’re here to make a difference to those in need.

You may have heard a lot about period poverty recently. Sadly, period poverty is an issue which affects many girls and women, both across the UK, and internationally. A survey by Plan International UK found that 1 in 10 teenage girls have been unable to afford period products at some point and 49% of girls have missed an entire day of school because of their period. Almost three quarters of girls also admitted that they have felt embarrassed buying period products.

So, what exactly is period poverty?
Someone suffering from period poverty may experience one, or more, of the following:
  • Difficulty affording, or having access to, period products
  • A lack of education about periods, the menstrual cycle and which products to use to manage their period
  • Feelings of shame or sadness due to the taboos & stigma surrounding the topic of menstruation

What are Lil-Lets doing to tackle period poverty?
Here at Lil-Lets we’re committed to tackling period poverty, from all angles, and have partnered with the young people’s sexual health & wellbeing charity, Brook, to work together to achieve this.

Brook is a national charity committed to providing quality sexual health services to under 25s. This is through a unique combination of clinical services in local communities, education programmes in schools and youth settings, training for professionals working with young people, and advocacy work. Read more about Brook’s work here

Brook is also committed to reducing period poverty through its Let’s talk. Period project in partnership with Plan International UK. Lil-lets has been working with Brook, on this as well as other initiatives. You can find out more about these below:

Facilitating products and education for Brook’s P-Card Scheme, as part of the Lets Talk. Period project. Let’s talk. Period aims to reduce period poverty in 7 of the most deprived areas in England, reaching over 4,600 disadvantaged young people. Through Brook’s scheme, young people affected by period poverty are provided with education around menstruation and managing their periods, and given a P-Card. The P-Card can then be used locally to access free period products and support. This project launched in 2018 and will run until March 2020. It is funded by the DCMS Tampon Tax Fund and delivered in partnership by Brook and Plan International UK. For more information about this scheme, please click here.

Development of a Brook Learn (elearning) course, covering puberty, periods and wellbeing. This is a free resource for teachers and professionals working with young people. The course provides a comprehensive guide to puberty and the body, including physical and emotional changes as well as emerging sexual identities. This free training aims to equip professionals with the skills and confidence to deliver quality puberty information to young people as part of wider relationships and sex education. Lesson plans and activities are included in the course and the content can be tailored to suit both primary and secondary pupils. To access this free e-learning course and download free resources for your school, simply click here to register.