Disposing of organic tampons

Are organic tampons biodegradable?

Lil-Lets organic cotton tampons are made from 100% cotton, containing no plastic, and will eventually biodegrade.

Are organic tampons flushable?

It is really important not to flush organic tampons or any tampons down the toilet! They should be disposed of with normal household waste or in the sanitary bins in toilet cubicles.

If you flush a tampon (whether it’s made from cotton or viscose) it can’t easily break up in the sewer and can cause blockages. If it does make it to the sewage treatment works, it will be caught by the filters and will need to be removed. This waste will then either go off to landfill or be incinerated! The best advice is just put in it the bin, where it can go straight to landfill or incineration and save your tampon from a detour via the sewer!

So, you are completely in the know, you can dispose of the cardboard carton with your household recycling. Whilst the polypropylene wrapper is recyclable, not all areas of the country collect this type of plastic.