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23 May 2019

Dr. White’s Looped Towels Looped Towels

"I live in Canada and prefer pads to tampons. I especially like the belted style of pad. However the pads we can get here are of extremely low quality, comfort, and seem to be more of generic make. The belts are narrow and, to me uncomfortable. Last week I was in England and my period came on unexpectedly, URG, The lady I was staying with offered me her protection. Turned out to be Dr. White's. Absolutely loved them. I found the loop and the loop fasteners much more comfortable than than the grip type here at home and the length of the loops also more comfortable. So wish we could get your product here. I am seriously concidering having my friend ship my a supply!! LOL"


04 March 2019

Dr. White’s Looped Towels

"I love these pads as they much softer and comfier than any stick-on ones I've tried. I've always had heavy periods, so need to wear a thicker pad, which these are, so the fact that they're a little bulky doesn't bother me. In fact, these pads make me feel really nice when I put them on! Like the other girl who posted, I wear them with very close-fitting white cotton knickers (Sloggi Midi), which have Lycra in. They keep the pads snuggy and secure, so that I don't need to use a belt. Especially if I wear my tan tights on top, to hold everything in place! That means unlike ones with sticky strips, if I need to adjust the positioning of the pad in my knickers, I can just pull on the loop (I always wear a skirt when I'm on), and move the pad backwards or forwards, which is handy if you're not near a loo to get undressed! "


15 January 2019

Dr. White’s Looped Towels

"I have just bought a new sanitary belt from boots and the quality of the belt has improved since my last purchase. The buckle adjusters and stitching on the towel hooks looks great and the belt feels really comfortable. The belt sits perfectly on the waist and the hooks and towel loops are just the right length for a snug fit even without panties. Great product."


03 January 2019

Dr. White’s Looped Towels

"My husband and I were staying with friends in the UK over Christmas and my period started early. I was unprepared and everything was closed the day after Christmas. My friends protection which turned out to be Dr Whites was all I could use. I was skeptical about the whole belted pad thing. No one uses them in the states. I was very surprised at how well they worked. The belt holds the pad in the right position much better than most panties I wear and more comfortable than stick on pads. I actually went through my whole period using the Dr Whites. The looped pads themselves are rather old technology, just cellulose or something like that. It would be nice if they made them with the latest absorbent materials like Always has. That would be ideal I think. The pads"


30 December 2018

Dr. White’s Looped Towels

"Thank you Boots for stocking Dr Whites sanitary belts and looped towels again. The towels are so soft and absorbent and the adjustable belt is very comfortable. The belt and loop can be visible - particularly when bending over, but why should we hide our periods."


03 December 2018

Dr. White’s Looped Towels

"I have recently gone back to using a looped towel and sanitary belt for my periods. Towels are really absorbent ant the belt is comfortable. I love the freedom and not relying on panties to hold the towel in place. The bulkiness of the towel or visibility of the belt is a small price to pay."


04 May 2018

Dr. White’s Looped Towels Looped Towels

"Very soft and comfy, as well as absorbent. I need these for my heavy flow, but just LOVE how snuggy they feel in my white cotton Sloggi panties. Much softer and more comfortable than other towels. Only problem is hiding them from my boyfriend when I'm wearing one, as they're quite bulky, and I usually always wear white or pink knickers, which are quite see through.. When I'm getting undressed I just ask him to look away!"


08 January 2018

Dr. White’s Looped Towels

"Husband..loves them.too"


10 October 2017

Dr. White’s Looped Towels

"These towels are fantastic- best I have ever used! Comfortable, soft, and stay in place. Belt comfortable too. Very absorbent! Have had heavy periods all my life, and they are the only towels that cope! They don't leak out the side either."


09 May 2017

Dr. White’s Looped Towels

"The looped towels are the best for my heavy flow , really confotable . Fits well with the belt . Best pads ever "


23 April 2017

Dr. White’s Looped Towels

"I really like this product. The belt is very comfortable and the loops fit exactly. They don't slip and they take my heavy flow. I rate them highly. "


10 December 2016

Dr. White’s

"Mother all way use this st pad"