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Irregular Periods

They’re rarely something to worry about

If you’ve ever had a period, chances are you’ve heard the term ‘irregular period’ and thought maybe you’d had one. But what does this actually mean?

To break it down for you, an irregular period cycle is when the time between each period changes. Many people worry endlessly about irregular periods and why they’re experiencing them. But the good news is that there’s no need. There are several explanations for an irregular period cycle. If you’ve only just begun menstruating or are coming to the end of your menstrual life, you’re very likely to get irregular periods due to changing hormone levels. That said, we know an irregular period cycle is a worrying issue for women when it occurs, so what should you know about irregular periods to ease your concerns? Well, we’re going to tell you…

When Should I Be Concerned?

How do I know if I just have irregular periods or it's something more serious? A regular menstrual cycle is between 21 and 34 days. Your period could last between two to five days, (but in reality, it could be up to 10). If your menstrual cycle doesn’t fit into the pattern described above, then it would be categorised as irregular. Which isn’t a big deal at all, unless this is being caused by an underlying health issue. More specifically, irregular periods are categorised as the following: - Bleeding between periods or after having sex - A period that occurs less than nine times a year - A menstrual cycle that lasts less than 21 days

What Can Cause a Disrupted Menstrual Cycle?

Your menstrual cycle can be disrupted by the following: - Changing your contraception - Severe dieting - Excessive exercise - Polycystic ovary syndrome Remember, everyone is different when it comes to menstruation and you might not have settled into your routine yet, so you don't necessarily need to start worrying. However, if you’re concerned about irregular periods, visit a doctor to find out what’s causing them, and in the meantime, you can wear pantyliners for light protection.

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