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Whether you're new to periods or want to try something new we know getting to grips with period products can be tricky, so we've created some handy how-to guides to help you out... 

How to Insert a Non-Applicator Tampon

We know this can be tricky but once you know how it's like riding a bike, you never forget! We've created this handy minute long video to help but in case you need them, here's a step-by-step guide:

1) Wash your hands 

2) Twist the tampon's outer wrapper to open, then unravel and gentle tug the string

3) Get into a comfortable position, such as squatting or sitting. Remember to insert the smaller pointed end of the tampon - this is the top. The end with the string is the base of the tampon and you'll need this string to remove your tampon. 

4) Aiming towards the lower back, ease the tampon into your vagina. Keep pushing until you reach your knuckle.

5) When you feel comfortable and can no longer feel the tampon, you'll know it's in the right place. If you can still feel it, push it in a little further. 

6) Ensure the string is visible and hangs outside your body. Then wash your hands and voilà, you're done!

How to Insert an Applicator Tampon

An applicator tampon has an applicator that's specially designed to aid with insertion but you still may need some pointers on how to use them! We'd recommend our minute long video as the following step-by-step guide work best with a diagram:

1) Wash your hands and remove the wrapper, ensuring the string is hanging out of the applicator

2) Pull the inner tube out until it softly clicks into place

3) Use the finger grip at the base of the outer tube to hold the tampon

4) Get into a comfortable position, such as squatting or sitting

5) Aiming towards the lower back, ease the applicator into your vagina.

6) Keep pushing until you reach the rim of the outer tube

7) Push the inner tube into the outer tube and keep easing it in until it's inserted as far as the rim of the outer tube

8) Now gently withdraw the applicator, check the string is visible and wash your hands, you're done!

How to use a Pad

Using pads is easy-peasy once you know how! Watch our minute long video or give these step-by-step guide a go:

  1. Unfold the pad and peel it away from the wrapper and/or backing paper (the back of the pad should feel sticky).
  2. You might need to hold onto the back paper to make it easier.
  3. Position it in your underwear and put the sticky side against your pants.
  4. Remove the tab on the ‘wings’ to reveal the sticky area on the wings and fold these wings around and underneath your underwear to hold it in place and keep it secure. 

And you're done... See, we told you, easy!

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