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Myth #2: You can’t sleep in a tampon

Myth: You can’t sleep in a tampon

Reality: You definitely can, you just need to change it every 8 hours

We hear this one all the time, it’s probably the most common tampon myth. Lots of people think you can’t sleep in a tampon, but you can and actually, a lot of people find them more practical than pads.

We’ve all gone to bed with our pad firmly in place, only to wake and find it’s shifted a teensy weensy bit and we’ve leaked… that or somehow it’s in a completely different place to where we put it, it’s very frustrating! Whereas our width-ways expanding tampons are super comfortable and if you use the right tampon absorbency for your flow, you can be sure you’re protected while you sleep.

When using tampons, one really important thing to remember is that the maximum time you should wear one for is 8 hours and after this, you’ll need to change and replace it.

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So, if you want to sleep in a tampon you may find that it’s best to insert it last thing before bed and remove it as soon as you wake up.

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