Organic Tampons 101

What are organic tampons made of?

Lil-Lets organic tampons are made from 100% organic cotton certified to the GOTS standard (Global Organic Textile Standard) and approved by the UK Soil Association.

These standards ensure that our organic tampons are GM free and are grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers (or potentially toxic pesticides).

You might wonder why organic tampons are often a little more expensive than standard tampon, and it’s because of these special conditions required for growing the organic cotton.

At Lil-Lets we’re open and honest about what our products contain, so here’s a table to show you how Lil-Lets Organic tampons compare to the main Lil-Lets tampon range…

A group of products from Lil-Lets' organic range
A group of general products from Lil-Lets
Dermatologically tested
Wrapper Polypropylene Cellophane
Surface material /cover None Mixture of polyester/ polyethylene
Absorbent core Organic cotton (cellulose) Viscose (regenerated cellulose made from trees)
String Organic cotton Polyester / cotton
Chlorine bleach
Dyes Free from all dyes Absorbent core
Only in the string
Plastic content - unwrapped 0% <8%
Plastic content – wrapped <3% <8%

Do organic tampons contain plastic?

Lil-Lets Organic tampons are 100% plastic free but like most organic tampon brands, the wrapper contains plastic to protect against moisture. Reducing plastic in our products & packaging is important to us, and we know it is to you too, so we are working on a solution to reduce the amount of plastic used in the wrappers.

You might also notice that Lil-Lets Organic tampons have a small tear tape for opening the wrapper, rather than the usual “twist and open” perforation. This tear tape helps prevent moisture getting in (which can cause a tampon to swell), whereas tampons in our main range have a thin cover over the tampon which gives them a bit of added protection against moisture.

Do organic tampons contain any harmful chemicals?

Lil-Lets organic tampons are also made without the use of perfumes or dyes and have been tested for all harmful chemicals to the Oeko-Tex Standard. *